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The original village was set around the original romanesque church of Saint Gregorio, in a lower location than today. The name of Pietrabruna comes from the material that was used to constructing buildings. The feud of Pietrabruna was acquired by Porto Maurizio, at the end of the XII century. Inhabitants of Porto Maurizio destroyed its fortifications and they built the new village in a higher location, where they founded the new Saint Matteo’s church, which was destroyed to make space for the neoclassical parish church, the only present in all the whole valley.

The village

Pietrabruna lies on the slopes of Mount Faudo. There are a lot of slate doorways, which are surmounted by bas-reliefs and epigraphs. The village is famous thanks to various gastronomic specialities, like the “stroscia”, and those inhabitants, who still work the land, with various sorts of ornamental green and flowers, like Buttercups next to the olive trees. In the past they even lavender, which today are still present a Boscomare.

Veduta di Pietrabruna

Comune di Pietrabruna